Corporate Cheerleading

Corporate Cheerleading Coaching Services And Team Bonding Workshop

Looking for a brand new, unique and interactive team bonding activity for your team? Want an effective team bonding session that truly brings your team together for a fun and memorable time? Our Cheerleading Workshop is ideal to bring your team to the next level and bond them closer into a tight unit that is ready to performance at a higher caliber.


Our cheerleading workshops and coaching services help teams to build teamwork, strengthen team spirit, improve trust among members and enhance individual's self-confidence, discipline and leadership. Our trained coaches and instructors will customise the session to your team's requirements and ensure that proper safe progression is adhered to, making the workshop manageable and enjoyable for you and your team.


Many corporations such as DHL Worldwide Express, Dairy Farm Group and United Overseas Bank are using cheerleading workshops to bring their work teams closer together, encouraging collaboration for higher performance at work as well as keeping their employees fit and healthy.

Our cheerleading corporate workshop and coaching services can be held at either a space of your team's convenience or at our air-conditioned cheerleading studio. If you are ready to bring your team bonding experience to the next level, simply drop us a message or call us at 8399 3868 now to let us know how you would like your team bonding cheerleading workshop to be!


Details per session:

Min. Duration: 2 hours

Min. Pax: 8 Participants

Rates: $100/coach per hour

Attire: Sports Attire with Sport Shoes (preferably soft soled). Ladies who are wearing shorts kindly do wear tights underneath.


Contact us now to schedule a meeting with us to find out how we can give you the best corporate cheerleading experience!