Looking to start on your fitness journey? Or looking for a workout that challenges you to be better? Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in your fitness pursuit, the CheerFit community workout sessions will always challenge you and get you moving on your way to getting stronger, fitter and better than before.


In collaboration with imPAct @ Hong Lim Green, the CheerFit community workout sessions are free for anyone with any fitness level to join. The CheerFit workout sessions includes workouts such as weightlifting, functional movement training, full body circuit and endurance training, with each week's session being different. No payment, no strings attached. All you have to do is turn up and sweat it out with the team. Showers are available for those who would like to take a shower after the session.


We believe that everyone is responsible for your own health and fitness is a crucial part of it. We are here to make you stronger so that we can live happier. Contact us to schedule your first session today! Check out and like our Facebook Page for more updates on the upcoming sessions. We look forward to welcoming you into our CheerFit community!

Level Up Your Fitness Journey

Unhappy with your current gym training results? Unsure how to bring your physical fitness to your desired level? Whether you are looking for body shape transformation, weight loss or building strength, we have the best team of Personal Training (PT) coaches for you. With more than 7 year in the industry and helping many average joes and fitness enthusiasts to reach their desired fitness goals with sustainable training programming, Coach Claris K. and her team believes that sustainable fitness programming is the best way to reach fitness goals with long lasting results.


First time trying out PT session and unsure if it would be suitable for you? Contact us to schedule for a one-time trial session with our PT coaches to experience it for yourself before deciding. Each trial session includes a short pre-workout consultation to understand your fitness level and goals and post-workout review to advice on what can be done to achieve your desired fitness. Each trial session is $70.


Contact us now to inquire and let us help you to level up your fitness journey today!