Ever wonder how cheerleaders are able to do all the crazy stunts and flips that makes us look like superhuman on stage? The secret lies in our training regime and now you have the opportunity to learn about our secrets of cheerleading fitness! Introducing the first and only cheerleading fitness program CheerFit!


CheerFit is a cheerleading fitness race program that combines weightlifting, calisthenics, and elements of cheerleading such as tumbling, jumps and stunts in different races where 2 teams will go head to head to see who races across the finish line first. Teamwork and speed is key in CheerFit to win, because we believe that we are stronger together!


With your CheerFit community behind you, fitness is no longer an individual thing but a team effort. Be a part of us with one of the CheerFit teams or you can contact us if you are keen to have us introduce CheerFit to the community clubs near you. Check out and like our Facebook Page for more live updates on training classes and workouts. Sign up now and get ready to train like a cheerleader with CheerFit!

Our CheerFit Training Sessions

  • • imPAct @ Hong Lim Green - Saturday 4:45pm-6pm