Coaching Testimonial

Cheer Junior and Private Class

"Cheerleading is a great sport for encouraging physical strength and flexibility, it helps builds coordination, motor skills core strength and teamwork. My 9 year old daughter has been attending Cheerforce since we relocated from Australia in 2020, we have found the coaching staff to be amazing, she is advancing her tumbling and flying skills and having a great time! Thanks Cheerforce."


–Keagan, Father of Lily (age 9), Cheer Junior and Private Class with Coach TJ.

Cheer Mini Class

"After attending the mini cheerleading trial class, Sarah loved it & asked if there’s cheerleading class everyday. Sarah always look forward to her cheerleading class on Saturdays! She’s energised after every class. Even said to me, “It’s the best day ever!” on cheerleading days."


–Belinda, Mother of Sarah (age 6), Cheer Mini Class with Coach TJ.

Cheer Private Class

"Our daughter, 9 yrs old, had a private and small group lesson with coach TY. Her goal was to learn back hand spring and other tumbling skills. Coach TY is passionate but very gentle and most importantly trustworthy. My daughter could not have achieved her back handspring within such short weeks without coach TY’s session. Thank you Coach TY and Cheerforce!"


–Yuki, Mother of Erin (age 9), Cheer Private Class with Coach Tian Yi.

Cheer Mini Class

"My son has been with Cheerforce since August 2020 and he truly enjoy every session. They learn cheerdance and basic cheerleading moves. The class also conduct various gymnastic activities which helps my son develop his motor skills. Coach TJ has a strong passion for teaching his skills to the students. He is caring and always encourages his students to do their best. Children love coach TJ very much =) Thank you very much for making the class such an enjoyable time for my son."


–Yuki, Mother of Jun Xi (age 6), Cheer Mini Class with Coach TJ.

Cheer Junior & Cheer Mini Class

"Cheerforce is formed by a group of people who have a passion for cheerleading. My daughter started with them since she was 8 years old and recently my youngest son joins the toddler group. They make sure the lesson was fun throughout the lesson for the younger kids and it was never a dull moment for them. They allow you to learn it at your own pace and able to push the kid’s potential to the fullest. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to find fun, a non-competitive class for their kids."


–Stella, Mother of Shannon (age 11), Cheer Junior Class with Coach Tian Yi, and Shane (age 5), Cheer Mini Class with Coach TJ

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Coaching

"Our company engaged CheerForce SG for a company sport event recently. We asked for a cheerleading performance routine in Superman theme with no more than 2 minutes. The routine should be easy to learn, technically simple enough for beginners, flexible enough to accommodate members between 6-10 pax. I wasn’t sure what we could achieve at the beginning but TJ and Shanice are very professional and experience to coach us. They came out with a routine full of surprise, looked challenging to the audience and yet suitable for beginners. They are so friendly, supportive, encouraging us to challenge ourselves in a safe environment and adjust the routine based on our comfort levels. With the limited training and practices, we won the cheerleading performance with outstanding marks against the other 3 teams at the end. But most importantly, we all had a lot of fun throughout the training and everybody felt a self growth both physically and mentally. If you are looking at similar trainings, CheerForce SG is definitely the place to go for. With the right coach and guidance, cheerleading could be for anyone."


–Zhang Hua, Innovation Specialist, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Cheer Junior Class

"With no background in cheerleading & after attending the trial class, Shanice finds cheerleading fun & decides to continue on. I find its a good form of stretching exercise for Shanice, and she’s able to learn cheerleading stunts."


–Belinda, Mother of Shanice (age 11), Cheer Junior Class with Coach Tian Yi.