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Collaborations For CheerFit x imPAct Fitness Platform

Collaborations For CheerFit x imPAct Fitness Platform

Author : CheerForce Singapore


The CheerFit x imPAct Fitness Platform was created in July 2020 post Circuit Breaker to promote cheerleading and fitness among the Singapore community. The sessions usually includes a HIIT cardio workout, a body weight strength workout and a calisthenics handstand workout. However, this coming September and October we are making some changes to make way for a series of collaborations with our special guests.

Starting from September, you will get the opportunity to learn from our guests from different disciplines and get some tips and tricks from them on how to get better at your craft. For the first round of our collaborations, we have invited local acrobat Beverly Wan from Circus of Altrades, advanced level competitive pole dancer Margarita and professional sports massage therapist Pavithra on to share with you their knowledge that they have in their own area of expertise.

First up, we have Beverly Wan, one of the leading artists of the Circus of Altrades. She has been sponsored to attend circus training courses in Australia, where she was taught by professionals and trained with acrobats all over the world. Her handstand classes will be on 7 September and 19 October 8:30pm-9:30pm on CheerFit x imPAct online zoom platform.

Next up, we have Margarita, an advanced level competitive pole dancer who had the pleasure of performing at the Singapore Night Festival 2019 and she holds the title of The Brass Barree’s Freestyle Battle Queen (Halloween 2018). Her 4 flexibility stretching classes will be held back to back on 21 & 28 September and 5 & 12 October on CheerFit x imPAct online zoom platform.

Lastly, we have Pavithra, a certified professional sports massage therapist that has helped improve athlete’s recovery process alongside aiding training, improving performance and preparing the athlete prior to competition through her works with elite athletes. Her sports massage classes will be on 14 September and 26 October on CheerFit x imPAct online zoom platform.

With so many exciting classes for you to attend on our platform, mark the dates down in your calendar so that you will not forget. You can also follow CheerFit for more live updates. Registration for each week’s CheerFit x imPAct session will open on the Tuesday and close at 3pm on Saturday the week before. You can register for the next coming session through the link here.

If you would like to collaborate with us on our CheerFit x imPAct platform, do drop us an email and we will be in touch with you!