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CheerForce Cheerleading Championship 2019

CheerForce Cheerleading Championship 2019

Author : CheerForce Singapore


On the 12 October, we organised our very first CheerForce Cheerleading Championship (CFCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. We are humbled to have over 120 cheerleaders and supporters participating at our event over the weekend. It was amazing to see cheerleaders from 6 different countries interacting and enjoying themselves at the Welcome and Appreciation Dinner as well as at the post competition stunt exchange.

CheerForce Cheerleading Championship (CFCC) started with the aim to provide a global platform for cheerleaders in the region to connect and build friendships for information sharing and collaborations so as to cultivate the passion and charm of the sport for everyone. We are happy that we managed to achieve that in CFCC 2019.

Of course, all these would not have been possible if we were to do it alone. Hence, we would like to dedicate this post to the people that made CFCC 2019 possible.

Firstly, a big thank you to our sister team, Vanquish Cheerleading Team, for the amazing support that they have given us from setting up of the venue, the LED design, trophies and medals to running the show and ensuring that everything was conducted smoothly. Thank you Vanquish!

Secondly, we would like to thank our partners and sponsors, Dhurakij Pundit University for the event venue as well as ArmourUp Asia for the FlowGun prize sponsorship. Thank you!

Thirdly, thank you to the 4 judges that took time off from their busy schedule to come and support our event by providing their judging expertise for our competition. Thank you Coach Kay, Hoony, P’Ben and P’Fame for your support for our event, we really appreciate it!

Fourthly, we would like to thank the people that are closest to our hearts, our very own Singapore team of executive committee that believed in the vision and pushed the project through together. After months of hard work, we did it! Big thank you to our Chairman, Mr Winston, and our executive committee members, Tian Yi, Jilane, Gwen, Weng Wan, Calleigh, Gwendelyn and Jerry for their commitment to ensure that the event was an enjoyable one for everyone.

Last but not least, we would like to thank a special group of people who spent weeks or months preparing and raising funds just for this event. No matter rain or shine, they will be there at the event. Thank you to all the participants and supporters of CFCC 2019, without you, this event will never be possible. We provided the platform but it is you who made the difference.

CheerForce Singapore would like to thank everyone for their support for our event, including those on our social media who could not make it to CFCC this year. We will continue to push for what we believe in and strive to provide all cheerleaders with more platforms to make cheerleading a great sport in the region. Take care and we hope to see you next year!


To see more about CFCC 2019, head over to CFCC Facebook page!