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FIFA Performances & Our Second Cheerleading Cover

FIFA Performances & Our Second Cheerleading Cover

Author : CheerForce Singapore


As the FIFA World Cup 2018 comes to a close with France taking home this year's trophy, it was an eventful period for CheerForce as we helped many companies cheer up their FIFA events, from out in the field to private ballroom events. We are delighted that many clients and audiences loved our performance and we had a great time working together with them.

Apart from performances, CheerForce manage to put together our second cheerleading cover to this year’s Coca-Cola FIFA anthem, Colors by Jason Derulo! It was our first time working with an external production crew consist of talented students from Republic Polytechnic and it was great experience to have them on board this production.

In order to make the video good, everyone met up for extra training days outside of our usual Friday and Saturday trainings to work on the routine as we would want to present the best we can for everyone to see.

On the shoot day, everything went smoothly with great natural lighting and stunts are going up well. However, things took a turn and it started drizzling. With just a few more scenes left and determined to complete the production, the team and the crew decided to brave the weather to complete the shoot before seeking shelter.

At the post production phase, we found out that some of the video quality and angles are not ideal. With everyone’s schedule clashing for another videoshoot, we have decided to shorten the video so as to ensure that we only put the best scenes into it. Check it out on our YouTube channel CheerForce SG and tell us what do you think!

Production for a cheerleading cover was never an easy task, but we enjoy doing it as we hope to be able to present cheerleading in various different concepts so as to increase the awareness of this performance sport that we love. We will continue to work hard to give everyone better performance and cheerleading cover next time.

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