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Losing The Motivation To Cheer Again

Losing The Motivation To Cheer Again

Author : CheerForce Singapore


Are you losing the motivation to go back to cheerleading again after this pandemic is over? Afraid that you will have to start back from square one when you return to the mats? Don’t worry, we believe that you are not the only one feeling skeptical of returning to the blue mats and cheering again.

Motivation is defined as the reason for acting in a particular way. With the suspension of cheerleading trainings in Singapore since end of March, many of us are starting to lose our purpose and motivation to do cheerleading and for some, we do not even see ourselves getting back to the sport again.

It is really difficult to keep the passion for the sport burning in times like this but do not worry because we have ways that you can keep your motivation and passion for cheerleading alive and prepare yourself to get right back into the sport once trainings are allowed to resume. Excited? Here are the 4 ways you can stay motivated for cheerleading practice during this COVID-19 period.

Schedule Workout Sessions Weekly – The hardest part for most of us when cheerleading practices resume will be to adjust our time to fit practices into it and that’s because in our daily routine during this COVID-19 period, there is no need for that and those time that was used for cheerleading is now being replaced by other activities at home. Our advice is for you to continue to schedule workout sessions weekly, best if it can on the same say and time as your usual cheerleading practices.

Main reason for this is that not only do you continue to keep your body fit for cheerleading, you are taking time out of your daily 24 hours to do something physical and when cheerleading training resumes, it will be much easier for you to just change the activity for that period of time to cheerleading instead of having to squeeze time out to go attend cheerleading practices. You will find that it is a smoother transition and you will not be giving yourself the reason to not go for cheerleading practices because you already have something scheduled during training hours.

Chat With Teammates – With the advancement in technology, it is now so much easier to have a video call with your teammates to catch up on how they are doing. The bonding between team members are really important to keeping the team together. When everyone feels bonded to each other, you will be much more motivated to return to training with everyone.

Apart from just chatting with your teammates, you can arrange for a virtual meal together and even organise virtual celebration and games together with a small group of your besties in cheer or even your whole team. Main idea is to get engaged with everyone so that you will have the sense of belonging to return once the suspension on training is lifted.

Be Involved Virtually – Apart from engagement with your teammates, you can stay involved with the global cheerleading community through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. Traveling is an impossible task right now but you still can continue to be involved in the cheerleading scene both regionally and internationally.

You can watch cheerleading videos from all around the world to get inspired by others, comment and share posts that you are motivated by, and even get to know new cheerleading friends online. This will give you a reason to return to cheerleading again to improve your skills, attempt skills that you have never done before and look forward to meeting even more friends when traveling is made possible again.

Improve Your Skills At Home – Ever thought to yourself that it was impossible to squeeze out time to do drills and work on your flexibility stretches at home because you just do not have any free time with the hectic work schedule? With most industries slowing down, you now have more free time at home to get your tick tock techniques corrected, or even work toward pulling a nice scorpion on the floor.

By working on drills to improve your cheerleading skills at home, you are actively engaging yourself in cheerleading activities and with the progress that you see, you will be motivated to push yourself to do more. Staying current with your skills in cheerleading allows your body to remember the feeling of doing cheerleading and you will see cheerleading as a part of your daily life, which will push you to return to practices once it resumes to see how much of an improvement you have made with your home trainings.

Staying active at home daily for a long period of time can be really challenging for many people as we run out of ideas of fitness exercises or cheerleading drills to do. If you are looking for workouts specifically for cheerleaders, head over to our YouTube channel and check out our skills tutorial and workout videos that are created specifically for flyers, bases and tumblers with exercises and drills that you can do at home. Drop us a comment if you would like us to do a tutorial or workout on certain skills that you would like to learn.

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