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5 Activities Cheerleaders Can Do While Staying In At Home

5 Activities Cheerleaders Can Do While Staying In At Home

Author : CheerForce Singapore


Having to stay at home for an extended period of time can be rather frustrating for athletes, especially for players in team sports like cheerleading. It is impossible to practise majority of our skills without any human interaction. So we have come up with 5 activities that cheerleaders can do while staying in at home to stay in shape and stay current with their cheerleading know-how.

Workout and Stay Active – There are various cheerleading workout online that helps to keep you in shape. You can choose from a wide variety of workout from cardio and endurance to strength and power workout to excite your body and keep it active. The last thing you would want is to loose all the speed, strength and endurance that you have built up through numerous cheerleading trainings.

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Stretch Those Muscles – Flexibility is a key component of cheerleading, and it is not just the flexibilty of the flyers but our overall flexibility of our muscles so as to reduce the chance of injury when we return to training in the future. There are various stretching tutorials online that teaches you the proper stretching technique so that your body gets stretched in the right way.

Cook Up A Diet Plan – As the saying goes, six packs are made in the kitchen, and so is a healthy body. It will do your body injustice if you were to workout incredibly hard to only binge on junk food afterwards. While you are coming up with a diet plan, why not try your hands on preparing your own meal? There are simple healthy recipies which you can prepare under 30 minutes.

Drill Your Techniques – We know most of you might be wondering how do you continue working on your cheerleading techniques without the help of your bases or flyers. In our weekly Instagram live workout, we have segments like Stunts & Drills and Handstand 101 that teaches you exercises so that you can continue to work on your techniques for your stunts, tumbling and jumps. With a little creativity, we made it possible!

Netflix n Chill – For those who would just like to have a chill day, why not hope over to Netflix and catch the latest cheerleading series “CHEER” and be inspired by Monica Aldama and the cheerleaders of the the Navarro College Cheer Team as fight their way through various challenges while going for their 14th National Championships. It is a great cheerleading documentary series that everyone should watch and if you have not, you are missing out.

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Thank you and till our next blog entry, take care and stay safe! Stay home, save lives!