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Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Cheerleading Workshop

Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Cheerleading Workshop

Author : CheerForce Singapore


CheerForce SG conducted a Cheerleading Workshop for the Student Leaders in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School with the purpose of introducing elementary cheerleading to their students and teaching them a simple routine to their school cheer. From the feedbacks they gave, the students had a great experience learning from our professional instructors who are always there to ensure that every student gets the best experience from this workshop.

Our instructors broke down the steps into great details and customised it to the students’ understanding, and that enables the students with zero cheerleading experience to learn and put up a short cheerleading routine to their school cheer in less than 2 hours. All of us were proud of what we have achieved together as students and instructors and we look forward to them leading the school cheer in zest and confidence.

Cheerleading is not about waving pompoms in the air and dancing but a performance sport that fosters teamwork, self-confidence and leadership. CheerForce’s CHEER Program takes various aspects of cheerleading and put it into a program that helps develop organisations and groups into high performance teams. We aim to let more people experience the benefits of cheerleading through our CHEER Program and help them be better as a team and as an individual.

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