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GetActive! Singapore Launch With CheerForce SG At CarFreeSunday

Author : CheerForce Singapore


A group of cheerleaders were standing by to bring excitement and cheers to hundreds of Singaporeans as they gathered at The Padang early in the morning at 8am for the launch of GetActive! Singapore.

CheerForce SG was honored to be a partner of ActiveSG and Sport Singapore at their launch of GetActive! Singapore at the CarFreeSunday on the 29th July 2018 as we celebrate National Day through sports together as one Team Singapore.

As the sound of the air horns flags off the GetActive! GetGreat! Nila Run, CheerForce cheerleaders cheered the crowd on with zest, boosting them with positive vibes on a Sunday morning. The crowd stopped in their tracks when we showcased some of our gravity-defying and free-flying stunts and tosses. Many participants had the opportunity to have their photos taken with our cheerleaders to keep as a memory.

Apart from cheering up the crowd at the launch, CheerForce SG had another task on hand, and that is to educate the public about cheerleading so as to promote awareness of the sport in Singapore. Crowds gathered at our booth to have their first-hand experience of cheerleading as they "flew" in the air in CheerForce style for their very first time!

We went to the event hoping to promote and educate about cheerleading, and we got more than that. Made plenty of friends, got to know about other sports, but what’s more fulfiling to us is bringing smiles and laughter to everyone through cheerleading.

Thank you to all that came and supported us at the launch and at our booth. We look forward to bringing better cheerleading experience to more people in the future!

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