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History Of CheerForce SG

Author : CheerForce Singapore


CheerForce SG was started back in 2014 by Coach TJ and Coach Gwen with the purpose to provide an avenue for cheerleaders to train at regardless of their skills and experience. They recruited members from all walks of life, from students to working adults, from taleted individuals to members with zero experience in the sport. Everyone came together under one roof, one team, one family.

CheerForce started off in a small rented warehouse in Oxley Bizhub which they only had 5 metre by 5 metre space for us to conduct training. Resources were limited but their passion for the sport was not. They trained hard with the aim to take part in their first cheerleading competition in 2016. Representing CheerForce at the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2016 was 3 group stunts and they managed to clinch 2nd Runners-Up.

With their participation in the competition, words spread about this new young team in Singapore and more people joined the team. As the team continues to grow, they reached out to overseas cheerleading community and connected with Vanquish Cheerleading team in Thailand and had their first overseas exchange in late 2016. Since then, relationships between both teams only got closer.

In 2017, CheerForce made the decision to take part in the team category at the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championships 2017 despite vast majority of the team having no experience in team competition at the Asia level. That was the first time CheerForce sent a full team of 24 men to compete against 5 other teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Despite the strong competition and them being a relatively young team, CheerForce conquered the uphill battle and emerged 1st Runners-Up in the competition that year. The team was filled with tears of joy when the announcement was made and no words could describe that moment for the team as they know all their efforts have paid off being crowned 2nd in Asia.

Determined to come back better and stronger, CheerForce recruited more members and worked on overcoming their weaknesses from the previous competition. Many overcomed their fears to become better for the team. Although it was a tough journey with many obstacles in their way, they pushed through together as a team and all their efforts were worth it when CheerForce was announced Champion for the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2018 Team Cheer Coed Elite Division.

They are the champion team in Asia. For them, it was a dream come true.

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