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CheerForce SG NDP Outing 2018

Author : CheerForce Singapore


As August arrives, it marks that National Day is just around the corner. For those who do not know, National Day is celebrated in Singapore every year on the August 9 in commemoration of Singapore’s independence in year 1965. This year our nation turns 53 years old and CheerForce decided to have a team outing to visit various tourist attractions.

Starting off the tour at Marina Square, the team ventured off in high spirits to the Merlion Park. It happened to be the day of the NDP Preview 2 and DHL Asia Cup at The Padang so the area was packed with people in celebratory spirits. Navigating through the crowd, we finally managed to arrive at the Merlion Park.

Filled with tourists, we managed to find a less crowded spot and began our picture taking. Everytime we were to do our stunts in public, it would attract many “wow” at first and gradually people will start turning their phones towards us to snap a photo or two. That’s the magic of cheerleading, it makes heads turn and people stop to see more.

As our picture taking and entertaining the crowd comes to an end at the Merlion Park, it started drizzling and we seeked shelter at our second stop, the Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay, a performing arts centre located in Downtown Core near the mouth of the Singapore River.

As the rain comes to a halt, we ventured out to the open space in front of the building for some photos with the landmark. However, shortly, we were notified that we are not allowed to take stunt photos at the landmark unless we are licensed performer of the Esplanade. Hence, we took a train to our next destination, Marina Bay Sands.

Over at Marina Bay Sands we found a prime picture taking location along the Olympic Walk. Filled with high traffic, many people slowed down and stop to watch what we are doing. As we send more stunts and tosses up in the air, more crowds gathered to watch, with occasion “good job” and “you guys are good” from the crowd.

As the sunset draws near, we concluded our picture taking with some pyramids and ended our day with a team dinner at Hifumi in Marina Square. Hop over to our Facebook Page to see some pretty sights from our wonderful little lion city!

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