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CFXVQ 2018 CF Elite Cheer Exchange Tour

Author : CheerForce Singapore


The term CFXVQ might sound foreign to many people but to members of CheerForce SG, it is something we hold close to heart.

It all started back in May 2016 when we decided to reach out into the Thailand cheerleading market for an overseas exchange. Being a young team of only one year old, it was not easy to have teams that wanted to have exchange with us.

After reaching out to 6 teams, we got in contact with P’Tan. We made an overseas call, confirmed the dates of our exchange and our first exchange with Vanquish Cheerleading Team was set.

Throughout the past 2 years, we have made numerous trips to Thailand for exchanges with them. As we try to work past the language barriers, cheerleading has always been the common language that we speak and through cheerleading, we have built stronger and fonder memories together.

Earlier this month, 10 of us made a trip up to Thailand for our CFXVQ 2018 exchange. Despite both teams having new training place and new members in the team, the feeling of family is still always there.

Every exchange feels like a long awaited family reunion of brothers and sisters and it’s always heart warming to see their faces welcoming us every time without fail.

Despite them busy having practices for their upcoming competition, we had a great time bonding with them during their breaks and after training as we exchanged skills, laughters, Facebook and Instagram.

On the day that we are leaving Bangkok, we were touched that the team came to send us off at the airport. As we took our last few photos and hugged them goodbye, we know that we will see each other again soon, in Singapore or in Thailand.

This exchange may be a first for many of the members of both teams and we hope that we will all keep in contact on the team level as well as on the personal level so that when we meet again, we will have more stories to tell, more memories to share.

We are very fortunate to have the support of Vanquish Cheerleading Team for the past two years and we look forward to many more years of friendship to come! Special thanks to P’Tan and P’Ben for their unconditional support and always believing in us!

CheerForce & Vanquish! Two Teams, One Family!

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Promoting Cheerleading In Singapore

Author : CheerForce Singapore


On 30th May 2018, CheerForce took a huge step to change its direction and purpose as we saw the problem that was causing the sport of cheerleading to decline in Singapore. We decided to make the change from a competition oriented team to a performance oriented team so as to reach out to more Singaporeans to promote and increase the awareness for the sport we love.

Being a Singapore cheerleading performance team, we are on the constant lookout for talents that has the love for performing as well as the love for cheerleading. However, we also welcome public with no prior cheerleading experience to come and join us to learn about the sport of cheerleading and the safety precautions that coaches and members take to ensure everyone has a fun and safe training.

Together as a team, we aim to increase the public’s awareness and understanding of cheerleading as a unique performance sport in Singapore through our cheerleading performances and workshops. Cheerleading is a unique performance sport that requires the participation and cooperation of all members in the team. It helps individuals to build trust, teamwork, discipline and leadership within the team.

Through our efforts, we aim to have more people exposed to cheerleading in a conducive and fun environment where safety is the top priority. For those who are interested to have a try at cheerleading, our trainings are on every Friday 7:30pm-10:30pm and every Saturday 1pm-4pm. Drop us a message or an email if you would like to join us for our training sessions or just to find out more about cheerleading and about CheerForce.

Visit our official website to find out more about us and the cheerleading performances that we have. Contact us now and let us bring the hype to your event!